The above programmes are designed to produce skillful, versatile, and experienced musicians, the emphasis being placed on performance and competent musicianship. The theoretical and practical courses serve to explain and complement one another, thus preparing the graduates and diplomats to appreciate, analyze, practice, and communicate African and world music as performance as well as literary art.

The last two years of the degree programmes introduce areas of professional specialization in Composition, Performance, Ethnomusicology, Music Education, and Music Instrument Technology according to skills and aptitudes in order to consolidate, extend and develop the basic knowledge and skills acquired in earlier year(s). Required ancillary/elective courses ensure an overall balance of the programmes.

The programme of study prepares students for professional practice as music teachers in schools and colleges, broadcasters in media houses, researchers and producers in Research Centres, Museums, Arts Councils, and Performing Arts Organisations, also as self-employed professionals in the areas of performances, artists organizers, musical instrument manufacturers, etc. A good pass qualifies a graduate to pursue further studies in Music, which could lead to employment in specialized and tertiary institutions such as Universities. The Department of Music provides an avenue for a strong foundation in performance and musical theatre experiences.

Music at Grajos is the wonderful opportunity to learn, compose and perform with world-renowned composers, conductors, musicologists, and researchers working in all genres, styles, and periods. You will benefit from first-class facilities and instruments and unrivaled opportunities to grow as a musician and performer, be part of the vibrant musical scene in Nigeria and have options to specialize in teaching music or working with music in community settings.

You may wish to continue honing your skills as a musician and specialising in composition, performance, and musicology, especially in your final year.

Your studies will prepare you for a wide variety of careers, not only in music but applying your skills in education, in the media, and in business and there are Grajos graduates working in music agencies and in the music scenes across the globe. You will thrive in our friendly and vibrant international community, on our beautiful medieval campus with great facilities for learning, sports, and leisure.