General Academic Policy and Regulations

It should be noted that GRAJOS Polytechnic runs the Course Unit System:

The objective of Course Unit System

Enables a student to progress at a rate that is Reasonably adjusted to his own ability

Avoids repetition of a whole semester or session where only a small number of courses has been failed and the CGPA is not below 2.0
Accommodates transfer from one programme to another without loss of grade obtained in courses common to the two programmes concerned.

Provides for inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary collaboration in curriculum planning, formulation, and continuous review. This approach minimizes duplication of courses in department, discipline, etc.


Each session consists of 2 semesters of 17 weeks – 15 weeks of lectures / practical / quizzes, etc and 2 weeks for registration and examination.


A Student is expected to record a minimum of 70% attendance in a course otherwise, an “Abs” grade shall be given.


Assessment of a student in a course shall comprise:



There shall be no re-sit examination.
Course(s) failed must be repeated at the next available opportunity.


Credit hours are determined as follows:

1 hour lecture/week/semester = 1 credit hour
3 hours of lecture /week/semester = 3 credit hours
3 hours of practical work/week/semester = 1 credit

The final year project carries a maximum of 6 credit/hours and a minimum of 2 credit hours.

Maximum load which a student is allowed to carry in any semester is 25 credit hours Permission of HOD/Director of school is required to exceed his limit.

Pre-Requisite Course

A pre-requisite course is a course that must be passed before a student registers for a higher course.

Grade System

Grajos Polytechnic-grade-system

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The overall performance of a student is determined by his/her GPA. Each course is credited by grade point. The grade point is calculated by multiplying the credit hours by the numerical grade point equivalent.


N.B All courses passed or failed shall be reflected in the transcript for each semester. Where a student repeats a course, the credit hours and the grade point of all attempts shall be included in the cumulative grade point and credit hours.

Maximum Duration of Course

A maximum of four years i.e. 8 semesters of Full time study is allowed for either ND or HND programme. In the case of part-time programmes, a student may be allowed a maximum of 12 semesters.

Classification OF ND/Diploma

Diploma and certificate are classified from Distinction to ordinary pass according to the CGPA.

The following table illustrates:

3.50 and above Distinction
3.00-3.49 Upper Credit
2.50-2.99 Lower Credit
2.00-2.49 Pass
Below 2.00 Fail


A student who has passed all courses but with a CGPA less than 2.00 may at the discretion of the ACADEMIC BOARD be granted a concession of one extra semester only to upgrade his CGPA by registering one or more courses in the Department(s) as may be directed by the HOD provided His CGPA is not less than 2.00.

Clearance Procedure/Exit Formalities

A student who has satisfied all the requirements for graduation shall undergo the following CLEARANCE PROCEDURE/EXIT FORMALITIES.

Department: confirmation of completion of final year project and all outstanding courses.

Bursary: to ensure full payment of tuition and other fees for the entire course.

Library: for any outstanding book(s) or loan, and payment of penalty charges.

Administration Department: to ascertain possible liability for damage to any Polytechnic property, and
Academic Office: confirmation of all stipulated conditions for the award of a diploma.

Procedure for Issuance Of Academic Transcripts
ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS are issued upon payment of appropriate fees. The document shall be issued to the address of an Institution/organization supplied by the student. Transcripts shall be issued only to students who have completed their programmes of study.

Examination Rules and Regulations
The Organisation of Examination.

The Board of Studies shall have control and general direction of all examinations and shall exercise such powers as may be necessary to discharge these functions.

Student’s Welfare
The Counselling unit is located in the Registry. Counseling is a unique activity of the guidance services. It is a face-to-face relationship in private. Where the counseled is helped to find solutions to problems through dynamic interaction with the counselor.

The Polytechnic Counsellor offers a professional, confidential service to any member of the institution experiencing difficulties of any kind. These can range from requests for factual information, and problems with studying to more emotional and personal problems.